Salesforce Google Map Integration

How can i Generate Pdf  , I am not not able Integrate Google Map in Salesforce 
Please Suggest me some Appropriate answer


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    Hi SurajTripathi,

    Thank you for using Checkfront Forums.

    Could you please provide further clarification as to what PDF you are trying to generate? 

    Also, could please clarify in what way you are trying to integrate Google Maps and Salesforce through Checkfront? This does not sound like a supported feature.

    You can also feel free to reach us at if you would like us to look at your account-specific integration.

    Thank you in advance!

    Checkfront Support Team
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    HI Suraj 
    Their is no need to generate any kind of PDF For Google map Integration in Salesforce 
    I have done Google map integration with salesforce 
    read this blog
  • Hi Suraj,

    We have done so many 3rd party integration including Google Map Integration with Salesforce. If you need help then visit:
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