Help for pricing conditionally

Hi - just wondering if anyone out there has figured out how to set up conditional pricing?

For instance: weeknights are price A, weekends are price B per night, but if a customer's booking splits up a weekend (e.g. Thurs, Fri nights instead of Fri Sat nights), the price is B for both nights (B+B) instead of A+B.

Any tips would be appreciated! Thanks!


  • Hi kendra_i,

    Thank you for using our forums.

    This will depend on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, but by applying 'rules' to your pricing events, you can achieve some "conditional pricing". The rules set the conditions, and the pricing will only be applied if all of the rules are applicable.

    Using your example would need at least two events:
    1. Set the price for Fri and Sat:
    • Weekly recurrence (Fri, Sat)
    • Create new price point
    • Default rules
    2. Set the price for Thursday if Friday is also booked:
    • Weekly recurrence (Thur)
    • Create new price point - set price equal to weekend price
    • Rules: 
      Start day of week = Thursday
      Min duration = 2
      Max duration = 2 or 3 (optional)
    With these events, bookings that start on Thursday and are at least 2 nights long (ie, include Friday), will be priced at the same rate as the weekend rate. In all other cases, Thursday will use the regular weekday/base price.

    Of course, this is just one specific case. Depending on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, you will need more events and rules to account for each different case. So, while this may be technically possible, depending on what you are trying to implement, it may be difficult to manage.

    If you have any more questions, I would encourage you to reach out directly to, as implementing complicated pricing will be heavily influenced by your current configuration.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • Thanks for your response Chase. I'll give this a try, and if I run into problems, or if it can't accomplish what I need it to do, I'll contact support.

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