Mobile App to adjust currrent reservations

We have only recently started using the Checkfront app, but we find it kind of frustrating that we can check someone in, but if they need to adjust their reservation (add/remove items, apply promo, etc) we have to switch over to the web version, and then if necessary, switch back.  We have a similar feature request in for viewing the booking documents as well.  Its just getting frustrating constantly having to switch back and forth from the app, to the web version and back again.  


  • AngelaAngela Checkfront
    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for your feedback and I can understand the frustration you're experiencing with the mobile app.

    Right now, bookings cannot be edited in the mobile app. Existing bookings can be viewed or new bookings can be made. Edits to bookings require the main app at this time, such as when accessed through a desktop or mobile browser.

    Similarly, waiver documents cannot be viewed/managed in the mobile app, but only through the main app in a browser.

    We're tracking requests to have both of these areas changed in the mobile app and I have added your name to these feature requests. We understand that additional functionality in the mobile app could be helpful, but it is also important that we keep the mobile app fast and small. 

    In addition, feel free to let me know further details on why using the mobile app for these tasks is necessary for you, as the mobile browser does allow for editing bookings and viewing documents. For example, do you use the QR barcode feature or mobile Square payments?

    Thank you for submitting your feedback as we appreciate it. You can also keep up-to-date with released changes at

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