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I have found that the layout of the Order Checkout area is in a need of little improvement (Especially on mobile).
Here below is my suggestion and I hope an update in the future might include something like this.

1. Clean-up some of the Cell Border Styles. See the included mockup below.

2. Split up the Rate column into 2 rows. The top row shows the amount of Days, Hours, Adult, kids. The bottom row shows the Unit price. This will get rid of long and ugly text wrapping.

3. Because we have added 1 new row in each item, then it might be good to merge the 1st and 2nd row in the Item column.

4. The last row where the Date is located should be merged with column 1, 2 and 3. That way we will not have text wrapping when we are using a date range.

5. Also, the Date Row Size should be increased and the Text should be aligned at the bottom of the cell. This will create some space between the Date and Item/Rate columns.

6. Because space is limited in a mobile view then I would suggest that currency markers be removed in each item list. However, the total amounts at the bottom should show currency markers. Also, there should be a way for us to disable the decimals. Here in my country, we are charging tours in the tens of thousands and every space on the order form counts. Also, we don't really use decimals (cents).

7. I would like to see the Tax Text moved to the bottom left side of the main border.

8. I would like to see a DELETE cross to remove items instead of an Edit marker...

9. If something is free, then it should be showned on the order as Free instead of 0.

Here below is a Mockup that I created to show what I am thinking about.


  • Hi Maggisam,

    Thank you for taking the time to submit these ideas!

    We really appreciate the mockup with it too. I've logged each of your points as feature requests for the Product team to take into account.

    I have also tagged this forum post to the requests so we can keep you in the loop if there are any related progress and checkfront.com/updates can additionally help to keep you informed.

    Thanks, again!

    Take care,
  • hey,
    the whole UI for the bookings is not really fresh anymore :-)  ... but thats mostly "after" the booking... What is really bad for the conversion is that if you open the calendar on mobile phones you will get the android/ios calendar without showing avaialbilty. So finding an available that is like lottery for the customer... 
  • Hi Patrick, 

    Thank you for reaching out! If you could email us at support@checkfront.com with your account URL and some more details on which calendars Android and iOS aren't showing availability, we would love to look into it further and see if we can find a work around that works best for your set-up.

    I look forward to hearing back from you soon!

    - Jay Coughlan | Checkfront Technical Support Specialist
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