Invoice Layout issue

Hi all
Ive made a change to my booking form - done away with the "Name " field and using firstname and surname instead .

My issue is the invoice shows as follows now

123 the Street
ABC 123

Instead of 
John Smith
123 The street

How do I get the firstname and the surname on the same line please?


  • JayCoughlanJayCoughlan Checkfront
    Hi Benkitto,

    I just replied to you over email about this topic where we can continue this conversation. In general, if you're using the field ID's customer_first_name and customer_last_name it should show the name on the same line. Using a single field with the ID customer_name will also put the entire name on one line, and the system will know how to handle it. :)

    I hope you have a great day and Happy Bookings!

    - Jay Coughlan | Checkfront Technical Support Specialist
  • Thanks, will give it a try
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