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This is a nice looking addition - couple of ideas if not too late.
  • Add remaining Inventory to the columns.
  • When a booking is 'Checked In' show number as a column when collapsed and in a color or label when expanded.
  • Allow us to choose other columns when expanded, maybe even custom ones we have created.
  • New Booking should default to the expanded Product if any are.


  • RyanRyan Checkfront
    Hi NIK, 

    Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate you taking the time to give some suggestions for improvements to the new Daily Agenda. 

    Good news! One of these features was included in a recent update. You are now able to customize columns in the guest card. See Article

    As for the other suggestions, I've created a feature request for the other suggestions you've added. I can see how these would be helpful in getting the necessary information to your staff when they need it. The feature request will go to our product team for review. How we manage feature requests

    Thanks again NIK. If you have any other questions/suggestions please don't hesitate to reach out to or here on the forums. 

    All the best, 

    Training Lead
    Checkfront Technical Support Team
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