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We're having some challenges with the data that's transferred from Checkfront to Quickbooks. It seems that every transaction within Checkfront comes through to Quickbooks as a new transaction, even when it may have been a simple adjustment/change to the checkfront reservation. For example, if we have reservation ABCD-1234 booked in Checkfront with a $100 total sale this transaction is automatically synced with our Quickbooks Online. However, if at a future date the reservation is updated/changed to reflect a new grand total of $200 (additional $100 to the original reservation) - this transaction comes through as a brand new transaction of $200. Now in Quickbooks it appears as a total sale of $300 but really it's only $200.

Basically the transfer seems to be duplicating or just dumping transactions rather than syncing the changes to a pre-existing booking. It could be my own user error in set-up or something but I'm a bit at a loss as to what I might have set-up incorrectly.

Has anyone else noticed or experienced this when using the Quickbooks Online add-on?


  • Hello,

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    We have not received any other reports of this behaviour, and our team has not been able to reproduce "duplicate" information being sent to Quickbooks Online (QBO). When editing an invoice, all changes should be synced to the existing invoice in QBO; a new invoice should not be created and information should not be duplicated. Transactions/payments are only synced at the time the transaction occurs (not when a booking is updated), so payments should not be duplicated either.

    Could I ask that you email us directly at support@checkfront.com with examples of edited bookings and screenshots of what you are seeing in QBO? Then we can properly investigate what may be occurring in your account.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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