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How can you have a "Sale" on gift certificates? Like something along the lines of Buy $50 and Get $5 free... or if it has to be the other way around, Get a $50 gift card for $45? 


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    Hi Choppers,

    Thank you for contributing to our forums!

    At this time, we don't have a feature to apply discounts to Gift Certificates. However, here are a couple of workaround ideas to make a gift certificate "sale" possible:)...

    You could do a "Buy $50 and Get $5 free" sale where the person purchasing the gift certificate would receive a $5 off discount code upon completing their purchase. This way, they could give a gift to a friend and get something nice for themselves too! This promotion could be advertised in the gift certificate's "Summary" via Inventory > Gift Certificates. You could create the discount code under Inventory > Discounts and then prepare an email notification (Manage > Notifications), apply it to that gift certificate, and set it up so that it would be delivered to the customer following their purchase. 

    Another option would be to create a gift certificate item. Here are the steps to create a gift certificate item - it will take a bit more time to set up but it will give you more flexibility: 

    1. Start by creating a gift certificate item via Inventory > Items > "New Item".
    2. Label it something along the lines of "gift certificate" and set the inventory to unlimited in the Attributes tab (if there is no cap on the number of gift certificates that can be sold).
    3. You can then make a quantity parameter for this item so that the customer can choose how many gift certificates they would like.
    4. Also within the Attributes tab, you can click "Additional Options" and then unselect Date Based Inventory Control so that the customer will not need to select a date for this item.
    5. Additionally, this item would have the ability to be added to your other items as a package add-on. To read more about packages, please visit this link:
    6. Next, you will likely want to edit the Booking Form to find out the gift certificate details, i.e. who will be gifted the gift certificate, what is their email address, and what should the note on the gift certificate say? (Booking form fields can be item-specific; go to Manage > Layout > Booking Form > "Edit" the booking form field > select the Advanced tab > turn on "Item-Specific" and apply this to the gift certificate items)
    7. Finally, you would need to set up notifications (Manage > Notifications) so that your staff receives a message when the gift certificate item is purchased. This way, they can send the customer or recipient an actual gift certificate via Inventory > Gift Certificates for that purchase.

    I hope this helps! If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at and my team and I will be happy to help you out.

    Have a great day and Happy Bookings!

    Checkfront Technical Support Team
  • Have there been any updates on this? I would also like to request the ability to sell gift cards at a discounted rate. We have done huge with this in the past for holiday sales. 
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    Hi, Choppers and clueiq,

    Thanks for getting in touch about discounting gift certificates!

    I've responded to a separate forum post that discusses a similar question and I think you may find helpful. Feel free to check it out here.

    For Choppers initial question, there may be a few more 'placeholder items' needed based on the total discount amount that is applicable to each tier of the gift certificate.

    As always, we're just an email away at if you'd like to chat more about each of your particular use cases and the limitations of the workaround.

    Kind regards,


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  • Year later, nothing on that front. Really disappointing.
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