Tour Visibility/Overflow Booking

Hi, I'm looking for some guidance, I own a tour company and we offer a morning tour and an afternoon tour, both on the same SKU with the option to choose the departure time.  I would like to configure this item so only the morning tour is visible to everyone, and the afternoon only visible to staff.  I'm trying to avoid creating a second SKU due to other tour aliases that are connected for inventory control.

My goal is to try to fill more seats on tours by limiting customer visibility to only 1 tour a day, but have the 2nd tour available for staff bookings. 

Thanks, Jay


  • Hi Jayz,

    I hope you're doing well today! At this time you will need to make a second item in order to give your afternoon tour "Staff Only" visibility. Visibility is set on an item-by-item basis, so we can't change specific time-slots to be visible to staff and not to customers.

    If you could provide us with some more specifics on your Inventory Control setup, we could take a look at your account and help navigate setting this up to retain your inventory's integrity. You can email us with more details at at any time. :)

    - Jay Coughlan | Checkfront Technical Support Specialist
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