Confirmation emails to Staff not sent in Client langage

All of the email copies of notifications that staff receive are always in English.  Why is that?  It should be in the language we choose when we make a reservation for the client. When they phone or respond to the email we have 2 different language versions and it makes it very hard to help the customer when they are asking about something specific on the reservation.

We need to receive the exact same version a does the customer.


  • RyanRyan Checkfront
    edited December 2018
    Hi TurismoCaNica,

    You bring up a really good point. Staff accounts currently receive notifications in the language that is set for the company (found under Manage > Setup > Locale). This setting is what determines the language shown on the staff side of your Checkfront account. 

    It sounds as though you've set up a few translations in your account to allow your customers to select the language their booking is in. However, when a staff member makes a booking and selects a language on the behalf of the customer, notifications are sent in the language the staff member selected for the customer. The staff notifications, however, will be sent in the company language.

    I hope this helps clarify why the staff side notifications appear in the company language rather than the customer language. If you have further questions or feedback, please feel free to reply back or send us an email at to discuss your account set up, specifically. 


    Technical Support Team
  • Yes thanks I know what is happening. We speak 2 languages at the hotel and some of our staff only speak Spanish and some only speak English. We don't have a "company" language.

    So to repeat again, we need ALL notifications to be sent to ANYONE in the language that is currently selected on the Reservation.  If we change it from 1 language to another after the initial reservation is made, then all further notifications should be sent out in the language that is CURRENTLY set for the reservation.

  • RyanRyan Checkfront
    Thanks for the feedback, TurismoCaNica!

    While we haven’t yet added the ability to allow Staff to choose their language in their Checkfront account, that's a really interesting idea, and I can see why it would be helpful for you. Thank you for outlining your use case. We've heard from a few other customers that this could be a beneficial feature, so I've added your name to the existing feature request, which is being reviewed by our Product team. 

    Thanks again for your sharing your feedback, and please let me let me know if you have any other questions or feedback. 

    Technical Support Team
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