Customer invoice error when sent from control panel using embed invoice


Some customers are seeing the wrong outstanding amounts payable on the invoice that has been embedded into an email sent from the Checkfront control panel. It shows as correct in the control panel and also if the customer clicks to pay. Baffled



  • Hi James,

    Thank you for contributing to our forums! I'm happy to help clarify why this might be happening.

    For the bookings, this is affecting, had one or more of the following instances occurred?

    1. The deposit amount set in the system/on the item(s) has changed. So the deposit that was paid previously is no longer the full required deposit amount.

    2. Changes have been made to this booking, like the length of time or additional items have been added, resulting in a price increase so the required deposit is now higher than what was initially paid.

    3. Or staff manually applied a payment that was less than the system's required deposit amount.

    If neither of these possibilities seems to be causing the discrepancy or if you have any further questions please send us an email at with an example booking ID so that we can assist further.

    Thank you,
    Checkfront Support Team
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