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Hello! Recently I have had several Google Ads removed because the my landing page (which is my "Reserve Now" page) automatically redirects mobile users to Checkfront's mobile booking page - which isn't hosted by my site and therefore in violation of Google Ads TOSs in that the final destination page isn't my web property.

I have a couple of questions.

1. Can I program my site to NOT go to the chekfront mobile booking page if the traffic is from google?
2. Can I program certain pages to go to the checkfront mobile booking page and some pages to NOT - or is this an all or nothing flag in Checkfront?

Side bar for the Checkfront team - this flow for mobile users seems terribly outdated and very not user friendly. Any timeline on building a better solution? Majority of my traffic is mobile and I suspect other's traffic is mobile as well. It kills me that our only options are to have a nearly impossible experience (hosted on my site) or taking the user off my site.


  • LenkaLenka Checkfront
    Hello fcwt,

    Thanks for contributing to our forums.

    Both options 1 and 2 should likely be accomplished from your own site since these options aren't provided by Checkfront. 
    All we do is detect the size on the screen of the user, and if it is small, we offer to redirect to /reserve page. You could disable the option in Checkfront and just handle it on your site instead. This would give you the freedom to determine what pages will redirect and who will be redirected.

    Could you please clarify what issues you are experiencing for mobile users, as these may be things you could address on your site as well.

    I'm looking forward to your feedback.

    Lenka - Checkfront Technical Support

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