Name/Description Field for Notifications

Hello, would it be possible to simply add a Name or Description field for notifications?  This field would only be used for internal purposes and would not be part of the message.

We use email notifications and send several to each customer based on several criteria - Status, Item and days to tour.  The body of the messages are different but the Subject line may be the same which makes it very confusing to distinguish which email goes out for a specific status and days to tour for each item.

Hope this makes since.

Thanks, Jay
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  • Hi Jay,

    Thank you for the suggestion!

    I definitely agree with you; once you have many notifications, it becomes very difficult to differentiate them as the only 'name' is the subject of the email.

    We do already have a feature request to include an optional, staff only 'Name' field. I have attached your name to this request as well as your suggestion of two separate fields: Name and Description.

    I cannot say when such a feature may be included in Checkfront, but I can certainly update this thread if there is an update. And you can see all major updates being released here.

    We really appreciate you sharing your thoughts and feedback with us, and please let me know if you have any more suggestions or questions.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • Thanks, I look forward to this feature.

  • Hey Jay! Kendra here from Checkfront's product team. I wanted to let you know that in the next few weeks we will be working on adding more fields for staff to identify their notifications :). I'll circle back with an update once it's in development for a mini-update. 

    Chat soon!
  • Hey @JayZ - Kendra here B)

    We've just released the ability to set internal-only name and notes for notifications. This was part of a suite of notification updates, learn more in our updates page here.

    Accounts with permissions to manage notifications can set names and add internal descriptions to better identify and manage notifications.

    Let me know if you have feedback or questions! 
  • Nice one!
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