Delivery and collection report

i have a chap who does deliveries and collections for me on a Monday and a Thursday.

id like to auto email a report to him on a Sunday and a Thursday which details his deliveries and collections for that day.

he needs to see customers name, address and contact phone number.

how would this best be done in check front.?




  • Hi benkitto,

    Thank you for using our forums!

    I can only think of 3 ways in which someone could access the information you need (customers name, address and contact phone number).

    1. Through an automated notification. First, you would need to create a staff or partner account for your delivery person. This will let you set them as a 'recipient' for your automated emails. You could then create a scheduled notification that will be sent 1-day before the booking start date. The notification can be created under Manage > Notifications > New Notification.
      You can add the invoice to the notification, which would contain all needed information, using '{%EMBED_INVOICE}'. Or you can add specific booking form fields by using their field IDs:

      The only problem with this option is that they will receive one email for each booking. Which may not be acceptable, depending on how many bookings you have.

    2. Through reports. This solution would require that your delivery person have a staff account and login credentials. This would let them log into the account and view a report, such as the Booking Index, to see all of the required information. You could even send them a link to the index with the required filters already saved. For example:

      That link will always show all bookings that start tomorrow. So, they would need to check that link the day before their deliveries and they could export the report to save it. If you want to send them an automatic email twice a week, though, that would need to be set up outside of Checkfront.

    3. Using a script and the API. This option is the most complicated, but it could also give you the most flexibility. You could connect to the API, retrieve the information that you need, and then format and send an email. This could all be done automatically and programmatically. This also has the benefit of having access to all of the information in the system, without needing to give your delivery person login credentials.

      We cannot provide support for custom solutions using the API, but you can find our API documentation here. If you are not familiar with coding or working with APIs, then you may need to hire a developer to set this up for you.

    I hope this helps, and please let me know if you have any more questions.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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