Housekeeping - What are you guys using? Recommendations?

Hey all,

I understand checkfront does not have a housekeeping module.  However, what is everyone using?  We have grown to the point of having several crew members cleaning at the same time and need some visibility.  We are a small cabin rental company, but growing.

Can we talk about other products here?  Or is that against the rules?

Thank you! 


  • Hi doug_devore,

    Thank you for using our forums.

    We definitely have no problem with this discussion on our forums, even if it involves other products. As long as this space is not used for advertising, then we would love to hear how others are working around the limitations of Checkfront, both within and without the system.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • Thank you.  We are extremely happy with Checkfront.  It has actually made my life somewhat easier as any housekeeping solution that requires we use their "base POS\scheduling" product quickly gets removed from our list of options.
  • I'm thrilled to hear that, @doug_devore!

    And yes - I'd also be very curious to hear what others are using for housekeeping systems. 

    Technical Support Manager, Checkfront 
  • Housekeeping is the need of everyone because of busy life, many couple do the job so they will not get time to clean home and surround area. Housekeeping is the solution to make your home clean.
  • Nowadays, in a busy schedule, anyone needs this housekeeping service. If you are providing this service, then you need to take care of such things like on-time service, careful work and most important thing reasonable rate. 
  • Housekeeping is the need of  your busy life, some ares do the job and many other will not get time for the home and take care of things. housekeeping is the solution to make your home clean.
  • As we grow, we need Checkfront to help us integrating PMS functionality. So much so, that we are being tempted to move to another service  I love checkfront, and would hate to leave you guys; have a look at what they offer and tell us if you are considering PMS functionality.
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