hiring a developper in order to import partners'booking in checkfront

I need a developper because my partners give us a csv file and we create bookings from the data by hand.
I would like to have 2 proposals :
1 - Having a script (php ?) that transforms the csv file from the partner into a csv file that match the template and that can be imported. I think that we would then have be 2 scripts if we have 2 partners. Therefore I guess it would be better to have a solution that could generate scripts once we teach what header (in the partners' file) is linked to the header of the template. With that, if we have a new partner we can just recreate a script that work for that specific partner.

2 - Other solution would be the total implementation with the API but I guess it is the same problem. Changing or having a new partner and it would not work anymore.

Thanks for letting me know if interested and a range of cost.



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    Check out Zapier.com. It lets you connect apps with APIs so that they can communicate with each other. I don't think direct integration is supported, but you can manually connect the webhooks.
  • ok thanks i will have a look. I did not kwow that site.
  • No developper here ?
  •  to find If you need a developer, you can take a look on to find not expensive remote worker
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