Droplet CSS Codes for customization

Hello everyone, I would like to adjust the colors on the droplet on our website. Ideally, we would want code to change the following: 
1 - The neon green buttons should be HTML CODE: hsl(232, 23%, 45%)
2 - The "Titles" are currently in Black, and we would like them to be in CODE: hsla(232, 3%, 29%, 0.86)
3 -  The Links at the top of the section with the categories should be in the same blue as the buttons CODE: hsl(232, 23%, 45%)
4 - The order of the categories should be: a) Island Adventures, b) Activities, c) Health & Spa. In that order. 
5 - When the category is highlighted the color of the highlight should be white letters on a yellow background CODE: #F5B041

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