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I have contact Support about this, but in the mean time I thought I would share with the community, as it might be helpful for some.

I want my Staff to be able to give a discount (in my case, a fixed amount) at their discretion when taking a booking.
Rather than just manually modifying the price,  I want the discount to appear on the invoice (to make sure the Customer notices it).

Ideal solution:
I'd love to be able to create a Discount Code which would only be usable by Staff, as discount codes shows on the invoice under the Total section as "savings =xxx".
Unfortunately, there is no option for "Staff Only" in the set up of a discount. Which could potentially lead to customers finding out about the code themselves.

To make sure my discount code can only be used by Staff members, I have created a "StaffOnly" set of Rules.
Enforcing contradictory requirements for Customers only:
can't accept booking more than 180 days in advance AND booking needs to be made at least 365 days ahead of time.
Which is obviously impossible!

Applying this set of rules to the discount makes it unavailable to Customers.

See the attached pictures.

I hope this might help, until there is an actual "Staff only" built-in option.... Rule Set.png?dl=0 Discount Code.png?dl=0 Discounts Example.png?dl=0


  • Good idea. Thanks for sharing
  • Great Idea.  Thanks.

  • Just realised that the pictures are not available any more for some unknown reason.

    so, just to recap, here are the settings for my "StaffOnly" ruleset:

    Cutoff: 365 days (applies to Customer, doesn't apply to Staff)
    Forward booking window: 180 days (applies to Customer, doesn't apply to Staff)

    In fact, you can put other numbers there, as long as the cutoff number is bigger than the forward booking window number! (independently of the unit used).
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    Thanks for the information. DQFanSurvey
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