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Hello all,

i am hoping someone can help the checkfront guys have been very helpful.

l run a hot tub hire company and a lot of my customers book via mobile and they have all mentioned that the green drop downs a difficult to see they are drop downs.
The packages use to contain for example 3 days hire and 1 day set up the day setup is free and not charged.
Obviously the different package types use to drop down in the green drop downs.

l no longer want to use the dropdowns as people cannot see them very well especially on mobile, so what i have done is allow customers to book what ever they want with a minimum of 4 days hire with one of those days being the free set up day. and then split the cost over the four days.

it was suggested one of the helpful support guys to set up rules and item events to add a free of charge day at the beginning but i found when a customer searched for a booking it would not automatically include the free day at the beginning of the booking causing confusion for customers as there booking started a day before they wanted it too.

Thanks for your help in advance


  • What if you just made it very clear in your booking flow that the spas would be setup the day BEFORE the actual dates selected. Then add a maintenance time of 24 hours so that the inventory will be locked for the day after the booking so that you won't end up double-booked.
  • @simoncmo are you still looking for help?

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