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We have been using Checkfront for a couple of years now and unfortunately, living in Thailand, our options for payment gateways are limited. 2checkout say we are not eligible for their system, Checkfront advises against using SiamPay, so we have been left with only PayPal Express, which is less than ideal.

We have now moved to accepting credit card payments using Tab For Business, which is available in over 40 countries across Latin America, Africa & Asia. it means we have to manually send our customers a link for payment, which is not the way we would like to do it, so I wonder if there is a developer out there interested in creating an API so that the Tab payment system correctly syncs with Checkfront, enabling us to have the pay now link in our pdf invoices link to the Tab payment system. Naturally, we would also want our website to go there; once the Checkfront booking page opens, we would the payment option to send the customer to Tab rather PayPal Express

Any developers in this community think they have what it takes to do this, as to wait for Checkfront to implement it may take ages?

Thanks for your time

Shane O'Sullivan
Feast Thailand


  • Hey Shane, 

    I'm interested in helping you out. The tab for business thing is tricky because they really need to have an API to utilize to do what you are suggesting. One option might be routing the links to bring customers back to certain places once they have completed payment. Drop me a line if you want to chat more in detail - brett@lemonaidstand.co

    Best of luck,

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