Linked group discounts / 'family' discounts

Does anyone know of a way to apply a discounted price when two adults and two children are added? I can add a group discount (min 2, max 2) to both my adult and child parameters, but the discounts then applies if you only add 2 adults and 0 children - the discount should only apply if the customer has added 2 adults AND 2 children.

Failing that, I could create a 'Family' parameter, but it only reduces the quantity available by 1, not 4. Is there a way to make a parameter use up multiple items in an inventory? So if I have 60 in my inventory for a specific day, and someone buys a Family ticket, the quantity available is reduced to 56 instead of 59?


  • JayCoughlanJayCoughlan Checkfront

    Hi jmcevoy,

    At the moment we do not have the ability to create a discount based on the quantity of two different parameters booked. Nor can we create a discount requiring two parameters to each have a specific quantity booked. 

    As you mentioned, creating a Family parameter fixes the discount issue, but creates a new issue of not booking 4 inventory. What would be a better solution would be creating two items, one with single user pricing and the other with family pricing, and aliasing their inventories together. Then on the family item you can create a child and adult parameter each with the minimum of 2. You can set the maximum to 2 if you like to restrict customers to booking for 4 people, or you can increase the maximum so larger families can enjoy the benefits as well. 

    From there you will need to apply your prices as appropriate, and families will then be able to book at a reduced cost while still taking the appropriate amount from the inventory!

    I hope this helps. If you need any more clarification or have more questions, please feel free to let us know or email us at


    Jay Coughlan - Checkfront Technical Support Specialist

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