Assign a specific room number to a specific guest

I have 5 rooms for rent. They all look the same,but they are in different floors. I don't want my guests  to know what room I assign them to, unless they make a request. I want subcategories under my main item. This way, it will be easier for housekeeping and the receptionist to see what rooms to clean and what rooms that are available or who sleeps where. Is this possible ? Or does anyone have a great and easy solution for this ?


  • Hi Isabell,

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    What you need is definitely possible to set up. You would just need to create 'staff only' items Room 1st floor, 2nd floor, etc...
    Once you've received a booking, you would be able to add one of the available rooms to the booking by editing an invoice. You would then track the booked rooms on the Inventory or Customer calendar.

    I hope this helps, and feel free to send us an email to if you'd like to discuss this configuration in more detail.

    Best Regards,
    Lenka - Checkfront Support Team

  • Thank you so much ! This helped me ! 
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