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We're using checkfront for our rental store an


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    We're using checkfront for our rental store and have run into a snag. One of our items is a chartered sail. The boat can hold a maximum of 5 people, adults or kids. There can be between 1-5 adults and 0-4 kids. There is a different price for adults and kids. But there is only one boat and we don't want there to be a mix of groups allowed to book at the same time. Is there a way that this is possible? We have tried having an unlimited inventory and the adult and kid parameters not controlling the inventory but that allows for 5 adults and 4 kids. We have also tried having a rule about maximum items per booking but that ends up allowing for multiple bookings at the same time.
  • Hello AhoySpencetep,

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    This is definitely possible. Because you are essentially working with 2 different inventory pools, you need to use 2 different items:
    - One item to track the availability of the boat
    - One item to track the capacity of the boat

    For example, you could have your 'Chartered Sail' item have an inventory of 1. Then, attached as a required-hidden package add-on, have a 'Boat Capacity' item with an inventory of 5.

    When attaching the add-on, edit the parameter mapping so that both the 'Adult' and 'Child' parameters are mapped to the 'Boat Capacity' item. This will make it so the sum of the 'Adult' and 'Child' parameters can never be greater than the inventory of the 'Boat Capacity' item.

    I hope this makes sense. If you have more questions about this, could you please email me at Then I can make a demonstration using your account to show the exact steps that would be needed.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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