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Sometimes I have a person who is paying but who is not a participant. I collect emails from my participants through a separate custom field. I would like to have my automated email thank you notes to be delivered to the participants and not the primary email. I would love to have a selection under recipient where I could add a custom email field to that so it can be automated without having to manually enter it. The other solution would be to have participants integrated into the booking system so it would be an option built in. 


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    Hi rmphotoadventures,

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    Currently, our product team and developers are working on the release of dynamic guest fields which will affect the overall flow and functionality of guest details. Right now it's unclear if your suggested feature will be initially included or not but I have, just in case, submitted a feature request on your behalf to have Guests (participants) listed as a recipient option for email notifications. 

    Here is some information on how we handle feature requests and you can check for updates at

    Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

    Brittany Leno
    Checkfront Support Team
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