Show item availability calendar by default

Hi. Here's a challenge for you expert Checkfront people:

I have an awesome hero page booking front end on the home page of my site. It's brilliant. 

However, does anyone know how to embed an item availability calendar (and booking window) on a web page. I know it's not possible with the standard toolset... 

But I also have multiple detail pages for each item that we sell on these pages I can detail everything about the item, but the one piece of information that is so obviously missing is the item's availability. Yes, I can have a button that takes you to a booking page, but what i really want is to embed the Availability Frame, so that customers can see the dates on which the item is available direct from the webpage about the item. 

It would look something like this:

Any thoughts or advice welcome. 

Please also contact me if you think you can do this by writing some custom code. 

Thank you
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