Summary of Critical and Useful Feature Requests

In the interest of supplying useful ideas, I'm compiling a list of features that would eliminate the numerous workarounds I'm having to use with Checkfront right now. I've separated them into two categories based on features that are critical in my own business versus other features that would be extremely useful, but have been otherwise shelved by Checkfront. So far, not one request I've made in the 3+ years as a Checkfront customer has been resolved despite many other people asking for these same improvements. Please chime in if any of these would be useful in your business as well. Here's the summary:

Critical Features:
  • In the customer profile, there should be the ability to have more than a single address. Sometimes I need to use a different address as a delivery/shipping location while still keeping the same profile address as a billing address. First requested: September 2015 / No resolution or workaround.
  • Bookings that require a staff member (such as a delivery person or tour guide) have no way to assign those staff to the booking or manage staff as a resource. First requested: November 2015 / No resolution, but Checkfront says they are working on Resource Management and it might be released this year.
  • Package add-ons/upsells are currently useless because they are not very visible and therefore are usually overlooked by customers. Having thumbnail photos of product upsells would help too. First requested: December 2015 / No resolution and Checkfront has said they are not planning to fix this in the foreseeable future.
  • There needs to be a searchable Company/Organization field in the customer profile. I have a number of repeat customers (mostly schools) where the person making the booking changes from year to year. There is currently no way to look up customers by Company and creating an extra field for the company doesn't work because that field is not searchable. First requested: March 2016 / No resolution, but I'm using a complicated workaround with a shared spreadsheet that I manually sync with the Checkfront customer profile data.
  • I need an easy way to disable bookings for a single day prevent overbooking. We are staff limited--not inventory limited and the workaround of using Item Events is complicated because there is no way to override Item Events. If a staff override for Item Events was available, that could be a solution. Another solution would be to have an option to limit the total numbers of bookings for a single day that can also be updated similar to the Inventory Calendar. First requested: November 2017 / No resolution, but there is a clunky workaround involving creating a staff Inventory Item.
  • When a customer email bounces, there is no notification to me that a critical error has occurred without manually running a specific report or waiting for the customer to complain about not receiving their confirmation. This has personally resulted in frustrated customers and hundreds of dollars in lost sales. There needs to be a way that we are notified when an email has bounced. First requested: December 2017 / No resolution and the only workaround is to manually check for bounces which is unacceptable.
Useful Features:
  • A waiting list option for potential customers for Inventory Items that are sold-out. First requested: June 2013 / No resolution, but I use a spreadsheet as a workaround.
  • Delivery/mileage charges should be a special entry in the booking perhaps similar to the tax field. As a workaround, I've created an Inventory Item for delivery charges, but this messes with the reports because it makes it appear I have far more "Items" booked than I actually do. For example, if I charge someone for 50 "delivery miles," my reports show an additional 50 items booked on that day. First requested: May 2015 / No resolution, but there is a clunky workaround.
  • The iCal feed currently puts the first Inventory Item in the booking into the "Address" field in Google Calendar instead of the customer address (which is what that field should be). Secondly, the iCal feed includes an entry for each item in the booking so my Google Calendar has multiple entries instead of a single one for each booking like in the Checkfront Calendar view. First requested: May 2015 / No resolution or workaround to the first part. I can solve the multiple entry problem somewhat by using multiple iCal feeds.
  • We need a way to create recurring bookings and/or a way to duplicate a previous booking. Many of my customers book the same type of event repeatedly and I have to recreate the booking from scratch each time. It would be much easier to simply go to their profile and duplicate the last booking. First requested: May 2015 / No resolution.
  • There is no easy way to see past due items that are not checked back in using the Check-in/Check-out function. First requested: June 2015 / No resolution and Checkfront support has indicated they are not working on this despite customer demand.
  • Inventory Item photos are artificially limited to five pictures. This is not enough photos for many types of products and it's an easy fix. First requested: August 2015 / No resolution or workaround.
  • We need an easier method to handle tips as part of the customer payment. Right now, I'm using "Tips" as an Inventory Item and it's clumsy to manage for accounting purposes. First requested: August 2015 / No resolution and Checkfront support has indicated they are not working on this despite customer demand.
  • Like many others, I use Wave Accounting for bookkeeping. A integration with Wave would help many of us. First requested: August 2015 / No resolution, but Jason indicated they were looking into it back in 2015.
  • Full Zapier integration would help those of us who are not developers create workarounds for specific areas of our business that Checkfront doesn't support. First requested: October 2015 / No resolution, but hiring an API developer is a potential (and expensive) workaround.
  • I have special negotiated rates for certain customers that differ from the published pricing. I'd like these to apply automatically and have them saved in the customer profile. First requested: November 2015 / No resolution, but I use a shared spreadsheet as a workaround.
  • The built-in reports are very limited and a critical report is missing that would let me easily compare monthly event volume from year to year. The ideal solution would be to have a custom reports function. First requested: January 2016 / No resolution, but data can be exported and manually processed as a workaround.
  • I would like to add text below the date and time selections in the modal window that appears when a user clicks "Book Now" though the Wordpress/Website module. Since my business is based around delivery, it's slightly confusing to the customers if the date/time fields should be their event start time or their delivery time. First requested: June 2016 / No resolution or workaround.
  • A option to change the booking flow so that all Inventory Items will be displayed prior to the customer picking a date. Right now I have to use an arbitrarily date in the WordPress plug-in which means some items show as "sold out" or "unavailable" even though the customer hasn't selected a date yet. First requested: September 2016 / No resolution or workaround.
  • I need to method to track Cancellation reasons so that I can separate flaky customers from those who cancel for legitimate reasons (such as bad weather). First requested: October 2016 / No resolution, but a partial workaround can be done by creating additional statues.
  • A way to bulk update Inventory Item attributes. First requested: October 2016 / No resolution.
  • It would be useful to have a "Location" field for each Inventory Item so we can track inventory items between multiple warehouse locations. First requested: November 2016 / No resolution and potential workarounds are extremely clumsy.
  • The ability to have email/SMS notifications sent at the proper times when there are multiple event dates in a single booking. First requested: December 2016 / No resolution, but a workaround is to split the booking into multiple bookings for each event date.
  • The default "Account Hibernation" display makes it look like I've gone out of business when Checkfront is disabled for the winter. I'd prefer my website visitors don't see what amounts to a full-screen error message. It would be far more graceful if the Hibernation function would simply remove the booking page without displaying this error. First requested: January 2017 / No resolution, but a workaround is to manually disable all Checkfront shortcodes from Wordpress and they re-add them upon reopening in the spring.
  • I'd like to be able to add private notes for a customer so I can easily see them when creating a booking. First requested: May 2017 / No resolution, but a workaround is to store those notes in a separate CRM.
  • For customers who are price conscience, it would be useful to have the pricing displayed in the customer-facing availability calendar similar to how airlines display variable pricing. My pricing changes based on the day of week AND anticipated demand so right now it difficult for customers to find the "cheaper" days if they are flexible on their booking date. I've also had customers who are confused that the price keeps changing depending on their event date. First requested: October 2017 / No resolution.


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    Now that my season is starting up again, I'm reviewing this feature request summary from 9 months ago. First of all, I'm thrilled that notifications about critical errors such as an email bounce are now emailed to the account owner. This is a great fix which will save me money every year.

    However, these issues still remain:
    • No way to look up customers by business/organization/phone/email. (I still have to use Google Docs whenever someone calls).
    • No way to manage staff as a resource without making them an "Inventory" item.
    • No upselling capabilities.
    • No method of handling delivery charges.
    • iCal feed is still broken.
    • No method to handle tips.
    • No custom reports (and built-in reporting is basically useless).
    • Account Hibernation mode still turns my website into a giant error message.
    • No roadmap or communication about future plans.

    I'd love to see some progress updates on these issues. It's frustrating to me that in 2019 I still have to sync and maintain multiple additional spreadsheets in order to use Checkfront which is a hassle.
  • Hi, good idea to gather potential requests in one place, and hopefully have more of us showing how interest.

    - Invoice vs Shipping address. right now, my work around is with extra "shipping" custom fields, not attached to Customer.
    - in general, it would be nice to see delivery/shipping matters being handled in checkfront.
    - it would be nice to be able to duplicate a booking indeed
    - it'd be great to see past due items that are not checked back, as it is the only purpose of the check-in/check-out feature in my opinion!

    I'm still new with CheckFront (only 1 year), I'm sort of happy with it, because my business doesn't rely on it to operate (sell). I use it as an inventory management tool.
    But I already came to the sad conclusion that CheckFront doesn't seem to move fast, or even listen to their customers' needs. At least, not enough.

    A bit more transparency would be greatly appreciated.


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    But I already came to the sad conclusion that CheckFront doesn't seem to move fast, or even listen to their customers' needs. At least, not enough.

    I've been here for years and development on the main product is really slow. Basic features that have been teased for years are never released and they have now closed the door on releasing a public roadmap in the future.

  • Thanks for your input.
    I'm not totally unhappy with Checkfront, but as our business grows, sadly, I may have to look around for other alternatives.

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