Payment Type

I changed the payment type, mistakenly, on a transaction.  Now it won't let me change it back.  Can that be fixed?


  • Hi barrieriddoch,

    You can change it in your Booking Manager by going to the Invoice Page. You can't change the transaction type but you are able to create a refund record and create another payment to the correct type. Since the POS payment types in Checkfront are records, they will not actually refund or capture any funds. 

    You can learn more about transactions here:

  • Thanks.  I'm not sure how I create a refund record without giving a refund.  Do I just zero out the refund amount?  The link doesn't seem to direct me to anything that seems similar to my situation.  Is there a specific section I should be viewing? thanks.
  • Hi barrieddoch,

    There currently isn't a way to delete transaction records. Once a payment is placed, the only way to reverse it would be to refund the record. The refund record will show up as well. You can add notes to the transaction records when making them so that you can record exactly why it was refunded. 

    The link should go straight to the "Transaction" tab guide which shows you how to refund an invoice. (Should look like this here.

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