Discounts - Free Tee Shirt?

Anyone ever configure a discount code for a free item?  I am going to use this to track how effective some of our ads are across multiple domains with a custom thank you page.

My idea is to give a specific discount code for each ad (adwords, facebook, etc.) and then track how many from each convert. 

Is there a way to set this up for when they enter a discount code it just show up at $0.00? 

I think the only way I could get this to work would be for the customer to actually add the tee shirt and then enter the code.  However, I don't normally sell shirts, we just give them away.

Any idea how to make this happen?


  • Hi Doug_Devore!

    Thanks for your question. The best way to track this type of conversion would be to use a Universal analytics code that is embedded in your customer thank you page and on each of the channels (Facebook, Adwords, etc) you wish to track. To set up a customer receipt URL Simply go to Manage > E-commerce > Settings. 
    Here is some further information from Google on how to set this up.

    If you are looking to track conversion via a discount code then the customer will need to enter the discount code. 

    An alternative that I have seen other customers use it an additional Form field that asks customers where they hear of your business, or what platform came from. Reporting for this would be on a per-booking basis. So if you are looking reporting from the data one of the first two options would be best. 

    If you have any more specific question please free to reach out to Checkfront Support at

    Perhaps there are other customers that can provide some further insight as to how they are implementing this type of tracking without the use of Google Analytics. 


    Checkfront Support Team
  • Thanks Ryan for the response 

    I am using a adwords tracking tag and also a facebook pixel.  However, every sale appears as if it is coming from "checkfront" as it is a different domain than mine.  To my knowledge, there is no cross domain solution just yet for tracking sales. 

    Customers lands on my decides to book on the embedded checkfront widget ( then after the sales ends up back on my (customer URL).  All sales appear to my trackers as coming from

    I was hoping with the tee shirt give away at least I could see which ads are performing better.
  • Hi doug_devore,

    Thank you for the reply.

    It should be possible to use a discount or a TID to track where your bookings are coming from. Both of these can be added to the URL of your booking page or Droplet code.


    new DROPLET.Widget ({
    host: '',
    target: 'CHECKFRONT_WIDGET_01',
    discount_code: 'FREETSHIRTAD1',
    provider: 'droplet'

    I think the discount code may work a bit better for your purposes, as you can then use the Reports > Promotions to quickly see how many bookings were made using that discount code.

    Each discount can be set as a fixed discount of $0.00 per booking. You do not technically need to have an item for the shirt; you and the customer will still be able to see the discount has been added, as shown here:

    So, you could have a different discount with a unique discount code for each of your advertising domains, and then link those ads to a page with the appropriate discount code added to the droplet/URL.

    I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions.

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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