Inventory Calendar View By Parent Item

It'd be great to have a view for the inventory calendar that let us view items by Parent Item, not by Category.


  • Hi Micheal!

    We haven’t yet added this type of filtering into Checkfront yet. But, I think that’s an awesome idea! Having it would definitely help quickly reference inventory levels for product groupings. We’re not working on that at the moment but I’ll pitch it to the team and see what they think. If you have any other questions, just let me know and I’ll be happy to help.

    Thanks, and have a great day!

    Checkfront Support Team
  • yes please. I agree
  • BrittanyBrittany Checkfront
    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for contributing to this forum post and for the feedback!

    I have added your name to the list of requesters for this feature request.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Checkfront Support Team
  • Is there a way to do this through the API?
  • Hello Michael,

    Thank you for the question.

    This is likely something that could be accomplished using the API, if you are wanting to build a custom interface.

    The main problem I think you will run into, and may be why this is not something that has been implemented on our end, is that 'child' items do not know who their 'parents' are. And it is possible for a child item to have more than one parent at a time.

    So, you would first need to make a query to the '/item' endpoint to identify all of the 'parent' items and which items are their children. You could then make a query to '/item/cal' to retrieve the upcoming availability of each item. And you could then display each item under their appropriate parent item.

    Somewhat more complex than simply querying '/item/cal' and displaying each item's availability, but is certainly something that could be done.

    Please note that if you do create something like this, it can not have the same functionality of the Checkfront Inventory Calendar. There is no way to adjust the availability of items using the API, so this would be for viewing only.

    If you have more questions about using the API, please email me at There is also more information available here:

    All the best,
    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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