How to allow 2 half day rentals or 1 full day rental

I have a sailboat that I offer charters on.  I would like to be able to allow 2 half day charters or 1 full day charter.  If there is a half day reserved it should not allow a full day to be booked.  I would like 1 half day to start at 9 am and the other to start at 1pm.  There seems no way to set the start times.  Is this possible to do?  Thanks.


  • Also, I have have bookings set for a minimum of 4 hours in setup.  When I go to the public booking site, it says maximum 1 hour required?  I don't have 1 hr as a maximum set anywhere.  
  • I would like the same function.
  • Did you ever get a response to this?  Or did you give up and use a new system?
  • Hi,

    What I would do is to create 2 items (Tour1 - Tour2) setup a rule (that requires 4 hoursbooking) and link it to an event that would apply to the specific Item. That way you would have the described setup.

    Did you emailed support for this? I'm pretty sure they can clarify on if this is possible.

  • I am looking for the same functionality.  Did anyone get an answer?
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    @Merlin_Arias could you explain further? Or was anyone else able to figure this out? I'm doing the trial period with Checkfront, and am really hoping it will be the solution I go with. However, if it can't do this, it won't work for my needs. I have the same scenario as @blakemiddleton where there's only one vehicle, but we'd like to offer 3 different tour options.

    I called sales today, and the sales guy didn't know, but said he'd get back to me. It's now after hours and I haven't heard anything. Need to make a decision soon, so if any of you made this work, please let me now.
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    The sales guy got back to me. They actually had a meeting to discuss this (great support and effort on their part). They have a couple of options that they're happy to discuss on a case-by-case basis, if you contact them. I'll be signing my client and probably others in the near future, up with Checkfront and integrating it into their websites, because this is possible. If it hadn't been, I'd've had to find (or build) a different solution.
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