Ability to reject black listed clients

Is there a way to reject a booking automatically based on a clients email? We have some clients that we refuse to take bookings due to operational and safety reasons. But there doesn't seem to be a way of stopping them from making a reservation using the online booking system. 


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    I like this idea too, but it's easy for the client to get around so it's not foolproof. Another idea might be the ability to "tag" customers accounts with user-defined labels (such as "banned") so you could see those facts before confirming a booking.
  • Hi there Cormorant80!

    Thank you for your comment! Unfortunately, blacklists is not currently an available feature we have.  This particular feature is a larger one that requires some time to come up with a well-integrated solution to make sure it's flexible enough for our users and expansive enough that it's not easy for bad-customers to bypass the system. We are always eager to hear what you recommend or what similar systems you've seen that you thought worked well! In the meantime, I will be letting our product team know that it's still a feature in demand. We have had a few requests for blacklists, and the more people who ask for it, the more likely it will be integrated!

    If you want more information on how we handle feature requests, you can view our page on that Here.

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