Need a developer

Hello, Looking to talk to a developer about using the API for creating something to help us with staffing. 
What I need it to do, a lot of it is already done in checkfront, but need it in a slightly different way and with some other items we can drag and drop in the calendar. (A list of employees)
We would imagine the tool we are looking for to have different pages for each day that look similar to the (Day) Calendar. Any new Bookings that come in would be obvious (Maybe off to the side of the grid) so we know there is action needed (To Staff someone for the booking). The Booking would still be a clickable link to take us to the invoice for reference, just like the Calendar in Checkfront, and Shows the important info from the invoice (Name, number of people ect). This Booking we can drag and drop it over it's specific time slot which is a non-changeable grid for times(Across)  and Areas (Up/Down), and assign an area to it. We have a set number of inventory to sell and need to map out where each booking is going to be placed based off of the size of the group, start and end time ect. 
Again, the checkfront calendar shows all this info, but keeping track of what booking came in for when and seeing if we have staff scheduled for each booking is a nightmare. 
Some other features would be great and can get into details of those with anyone able to help. 
If anyone can help or would be able to take this job on, please email me at 


  • What kind of developer do you need front end or back end?
  • Choppers, did you find help yet? I'm digging into setting up a form for a client and can help you out if you're still stuck.
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