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Is it, or can it be, possible for a customer to purchase (as an example) a $200 gift certificate for $150?
I run a seasonal business and would like to offer an "early bird" special for people who purchase in April, without requiring them to pick the date of their tour at the same time. The gift certificate feature seems to be the logical way to make this happen but I am struggling with how to incorporate a discount with gift certificate purchase.

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  • I second this request! 
  • Hi Eric_Curley and clueiq,

    Thanks for your question!

    Regrettably, it is not possible to discount gift certificates in a completely automated way.

    The current workaround is to configure a regular sort of placeholder item, for example, called 'Discounted Gift Certificate'. Customers would need to ensure they add this item to their booking in addition to their actual gift certificate item to the same booking.

    You'll also want to configure a discount (without a code) that is set to per booking and applicable to only the placeholder item. Customers can then see that when they add both the placeholder item and the actual gift certificate to their order/booking, the total is at a discounted rate.

    Please note, this workaround does take advantage of what may not be intended behaviour so I can't say that it will always work in the future.

    If you have any questions about this potential solution please feel free to send us an email at

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