Network status "Maintenance" gave me issues with Automatic Notifications

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I am noticing that the automatic notifications are not being sent out on the 2nd of May 2011 . At least they are not being sent to my account and now I was
worried that the clients did not receive it. Inside the log it says it
has been sent out but I have not received any checkfront email in the
past 3 hours while I made 3 new reservations. My support ticket was answered with "I have checked our email server, and it seems to work as expected. A resend email button has under construction and added to our feature request list".

What I noticed is that my checkfront account is hosted in server ID: US-West1 and that this was under maintenance on the 2nd of May. So I would suggest other users to double check this!

Suggestion to checkfront is: If it is not possible to configure the system to send automatic notification after maintenance then checkfront needs to make sure that when a server is under maintenance that those accounts are not affected negatively, notifications on hold  or at least clearly informed. Having a resend button is nice and functional but I don't want to check the server status every day and imagine which notifications did go out and which one did not.

For the rest life is good and I want checkfront to keep it that way :-)

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  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Hi Jonatha,

    The network maintenance was around 25 mins, in the week hours of the morning on our US / West network.

    Any notifications will have been 'spooled' and delivered after the maintenance was completed.   Note, the activity log shows when the message was sent, but not necessarily when it was delivered.  In most cases, this is a few seconds, but on rare occasion there will be some delay.

    We will be adding the abiluty to send notifications again, as well as custom notifications to the booking admin.  Stay tuned here or on the blog for release / feature updates. 

    For an interm roundabout solution, you can change the status of a booking to one that has no notification (perhaps waiting), and then back again to the desired status.  This will trigger a new notification.

    Thanks for the feedback!

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