Issues with Checkfront forums [Resolved]

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Hi all - we've had some issues with posting and replying to on our forums this week.  This has been resolved and we apologize for the inconvenience.  Please let us know if you encounter any further issues here.


  • I'm sorry to hear that, maggisam! Please try clicking the gear icon in the very top right of the page, then "Edit Profile", and then "Change My Picture", as seen here: If that doesn't work, can you please email me at with a screenshot of what you see, so that I can dive in and take a closer look? Thanks! 

    Talk to you soon,
    Laura - Customer Support Manager 
  • Same problem for almost 2 years.  Cannot upload a profile photo since day 1. Or rather it uploads but shows whatever that weird little icon is beside our account name in all the forums.
  • Hi @maggisam and @TurismoCaNica,

    Thank you for bringing the issue with changing profile pictures to our attention. We have fixed the issue, and you should be able to change your profile picture now. We are still looking into the issue with pictures that are displaying strangely when they have been removed.

    Best Regards,
    Brett - Technical Support Analyst
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