Feature Requests and Development Roadmap

Hello Community and Checkfront team,

i see many many feature requests in the Forum. And I can imagine that you get even more with Email. 

For me it would be very helpfull to have an overview what are the "big" topics for checkfront for the next few month and in which direction it goes. I dont ask for release dates or guarantees. Only to see what topics and "big" features are in progress and what is the strategy for next few month. Im sure that some feature requests are very popular and you could let us know about it:

In the next 3-6 month we will focus to improve the parts of checkfront used for offering  "accomodations" (or whatever). We will also work on 3 of the most requested community feature requests: "availability calendar on mobile phones", "booking fields to enter info about every guest" and "add more than 5 photos in the article". 

If I see my most requested topics are far away from the roadmap, I can try to find a API solution or any workaround for it. But waiting to see what comes out of the blackbox is not good. 

What do you think about it?



  • Ditto...Can't make business decisions without having some idea of what is in the works. This black box surprise approach to development does not work for your clients. We can't even see what the official request list is so we can "up vote" it. We have 4 significant "issues" with the system and after 18 months still have not the foggiest idea if they are in the works, much less ever.  So we are now starting to look at other alternatives simply because we are in the dark as to your plans and the workarounds are causing us far too much trouble.

    It is time to get some proper direction from your clients for development priorities. Another language or payment processor does not help those of us who are already your clients. Dealing with some of the fundamental issues in the system though will keep us here in the long term.

  • Hi guys,

    I love the feedback that you both have expressed and these are valid points that I would like to share with our departments here at Checkfront. We are continually striving to make our product perfect and being in the know can certainly be a next step that we hope to provide for you in the future. There are changes that happen in our planning phase which can be hard to track so we certainly don't want to promise anything and see it change in the future. We're learning through this process as we move forward and someday, we hope we'll be able to track the roadmap for you a bit better and even share them in the future. 

    Thank you, everyone, for your interest in what we do in Checkfront and we certainly will take these words into great consideration.

  • As Patrick said, we are not looking for exact dates.  We fully recognize the difficulty of predicting when you are trying to stick to a release schedule (I managed large scale IT projects for a career).  But even more frustrating to a client than having a defect or missing piece of critical functionality was not knowing what was going on and what the general plan was for new releases. You have to have a road map internally otherwise your system would quickly devolve into chaos. The best way to lose clients is to keep them in the dark. And if you want to expand to larger clients where the reservation system is "mission critical", you will have a really hard sell if they cannot see your road map. Even for a small hotel like us, we are now considering other systems because we can't make decisions in a vacuum and at the moment we cannot run our hotel without a couple critical items.

  • i hope we get more feedback from other users... I think most of the users only check the forum when they have a feature request :-)
  • Hello,

    Once again, thank you both for the feedback!

    While our roadmap is certainly not made public at this time, we very much value receiving any sort of feedback; without it, this would likely never be changed.

    I cannot make any promises on whether or not our plans for the next few months will be made public, but letting us know the importance of seeing this information is definitely a good first step. 

    We have definitely passed along your thoughts and opinions. And please let us know if you have any questions.

    All the best,

    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
  • +1 I'd like to see a roadmap too.

    Every year when my business restarts, I rediscover that all the annoying workarounds and bugs that make Checkfront difficult to use haven't yet been fixed and the only response on here is a generic form letter telling me to read the "How We Handle Feature Requests" blog post and to check the "Updates" page.
  • RavennaRavenna Checkfront
    Hey all, 

    I believe this was discussed on this thread, please let me know if you have other questions not answered there.

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