Feature request - recurrent bookings - a couple of years now - is there any movement ?

We love checkfront and as our business has grown with checkfront so has our monthly recurrent bookings.   Along with it is the amount of time we spend entering the next week/month recurrent bookings.  We are up to 3 hours a week of re-entering on checkfront the bookings for some clients who book 10-20 times a month recurring regularly same time each month.   Can we please see some movement on this ?    Adding a recurring feature for an item would be amazingly helpful to our productivity.   Thank you ! 


  • I've looked into this for you and let our development team know of your request and it's importance to you. I've included this to our feature request to add this functionality, although I'm not able to provide a timeline for when it will be implemented. I apologize for not being able to provide more insight at the moment.
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