Booking Creation API

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We are going to creating a booking through API 3.0.

We have obtained session id and slip and passing these information to the booking creation api.

The body is same like below with authentication params in headers:

    "session_id": "<session_id>",

    "slip": "<slip value>",



                     "customer_name": "<customer name>"




But the response is coming with error. No booking is created.

Below is the error in response:

"request": {

        "status": "ERROR",

        "resource": "booking",

        "id": "create",

        "records": 0,

        "limit": 0,

        "page": 1,

        "pages": 1,

        "time": 0.0573,

        "timestamp": 1512027352.6547,

        "method": "post",

        "error": {

            "id": "validation_error",

            "title": "Missing required fields",

            "details": "The following fields are required: Name",

            "data": {

                "customer_name": "Name"




So please help me on providing the exact booking api request sample payload in json.


Souren Sen.


  • Hi Souren,

    Thank you for reaching out on our forum!

    I see that you have also submitted a support request, so I have responded to you there.

    Best Regards,
    Brett - Checkfront Support Team
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