I would pay $1000 for this:

I really just want the booking droplet to work in mobile properly.

When a customer hits "Availability"...I'd like for the modal to work properly...or I would like for the booking to look like the BEAUTIFUL Site Builder.

Problem is...I can't control access in Site Builder...which means I can't control access for members.

I utilize a member feature which allows for my members to have special pricing on their inventory items...which is lower than or discounted on the full price available for the public.

My problem is:  none of the integration features works properly...here is an example...view it on your mobile device:


As you can see when you click on "Availability" while using your mobile device...the modal/pop-up flies in and then you are banished to the bottom of the page.


It's like the facebook integration...we stopped using it because it just did not work properly.

So please...how do I get a nice booking interface like the responsive/mobile interface in Site Builder that I can integrate into my website and control the access level for my subscribers?


  • I'm bumping this to the top again...since just like my "help" request, this is probably being ignored.
  • Yes...it is on all ios Devices.
    It's funny...because when your facebook plugin stopped working, you blamed facebook.  (Incidentally, I STILL don't use the facebook plugin because it STILL does not work)...just like the joomla plugin doesn't actually work...I suppose this is a problem with Joomla, right?
    The whole point of having a droplet is so that the customer stays on my website...sending them to the "hosted mobile" page is a bad practice for both SEO ranking as well as for the customer because the mobile booking page does not take them back to my original site...or if they are coming from a partner site to the hosted booking page, there is literally no icon to return them to the original page.
    The only reason I haven't switched to FareHarbor at this point is simply that I don't want to charge my customer an extra 6% to book their tickets with us.
  • "Have you emailed us at..."  
    Are you kidding?
    Yes...and your company advised, "Use the droplet" for joomla...and "it's an issue with facebook" on the other...MULTIPLE times.
  • Hello,

    I'm sorry to hear you are having so many difficulties.  I can empathize with you that it must extremely frustrating.

    I reviewed your email history and can see you've emailed us regarding the issues you've been having with Joomla and Facebook.

    It appears you were able to get Checkfront integrated on your Joomla Website using the droplet code as suggested in a previous email.  Unfortunately, regarding the mobile issue, as Angela stated, "this iOS modal issue is a bug with the iOS 10 webkit that we are unable to resolve, and likely with iOS 11 if they haven't patched it yet."

    In regards to Facebook, I see Checkfront is integrated into your Facebook page and is appearing for me when I view it from my desktop.  If you are still having issues with the Facebook integration could you please email support@checkfront.com your Facebook issue with a screen capture and details of the issue and we will investigate the issue further for you.   Would it be possible to resend us your most recent email?  If you've emailed us recently, I apologize. We recently switched to a new help center platform and I would like to make sure we haven't missed your most recent communication.

    All the best,

    Checkfront Support Team 
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