Minimum Nights are not working


I'm working on integrating Checkfront with a short term rental property's new website. They require a minimum 30 night rental term. I have the minimum nights set to 30 in Checkfront and the default value is 30 in the form. I am still able to change the calendar to less than 30 nights.

Am I missing something? We can't allow our users to select less than 30 nights.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. The temp URL can be found here:



  • I tried it on my system for you.

    I had to ensure that the minimum nights is set to 30 in Inventory - Rules - Minimum nights per item.

    Plus...Manage - Setup - Configuration and set Default length to 30 nights.

    I then tried the calender via the hosted booking page and all worked fine and i was unable to select an item for less than 30 nights.

    Hope that helps.

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