Need a developer for Checkfront - None exist? - Can't hire a company to help with Checkfront booking

Need a company that knows Checkfront inside and out.   Are there any people or companies that know checkfront that can be hired?  If so email me    I have been searching for months with no luck.


  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Can you provide some more details as to what you are wanting to accomplish?
  • edited November 2017
    Oy...did you find someone?
    I love EVERYTHING about Checkfront except for the Crappy Mobile User Experience...I literally just want an option to disable modals and pop-ups.
    If I check the "use Mobile page" then the customer is taken off of my website....which means they aren't immediately able to be sold on booking something else that I sell that doesn't go through checkfront...and if I use the normal "droplet"...the pop-ups suck harder than a dyson vacuum cleaner.
    My newest idea to solve this is to find a developer to help me with an API for my JOOMLA website (since their Joomla integration doesn't actually work anymore.)
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