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This has been asked before but I'd like to bring it up again. Is there anyway to add a delivery option at checkout? I have put it as an item at the top of all my categories. However, not all customers see it. They think the system isn't working because they are not given the price options at the point of adding a delivery address. This is despite there being a prompt advising they must book Delivery and Collection as an item. They are of course idiots but unfortunately there are a lot of idiots out there! We really need an idiot proof system. If such a thing exists! I think the problem is the checkout experience many people are used to has the delivery option, prices or other add-ons AFTER  selecting items.

We are getting 3 or 4 customers every week that fail to add Delivery and Collection to their order but enter a delivery address in the booking field.


  • It's be nice to have deliver functionality in general for those of us that do rentals. I spend more time calculating delivery costs and making schedules from Checkfront than any other task.
  • I still spend a lot of time following up customers who add a delivery address but don't book it as an item. I used to have a Delivery & Collection item at the top of every item. This worked quite well but it was still missed by some customers.

    Now we have lots more Delivery and or Collection options and to different zones. This has meant Delivery and Collection is now it's own category.  We're finding a lot of people think they have booked D or C simply by adding the address. They expect a charge to be automatically added at the end. I have tried explaining in so many different ways with custom booking form fields but many people just don't get it. I assume it's because they expect the process to be similar as online retail shopping.

    Angela thank you for your suggestions. Unfortunately we can't use packaged items as there are too many different zone options and choosing just delivery or collection or both.

    It's very labor intensive to have to continually go back to the customer. This also involves making lots if diary notes to follow up. Then processing the extra payment.

    I had thought about having Delivery and Collection as the first category but I don't want this to be the landing page.

    Would it be possible to have a simple check box option that would automatically take the customer back to our Delivery and Collection category? Then it's literally staring the customer in the face.

  • Hi totsontour,

    Thanks for participating in our forums!

    As per your explanation, I understand that it seems that you are unable to use the packaged items as there are many options to choose from.

    I would suggest you create two items: 'Delivery' and 'Collection' that would be visible in 'Packages only' and make the package item add-ons 'required'. 
    Create a parameter for each delivery/collection option in order that one of them can be selected, starting with 'no delivery' parameter.

    I hope this helps, and if you have more questions, please send me an email to and I'll be happy to guide you further.

    Lenka - Checkfront Technical Support

  • Hi Lenka,

    This sounds good. I'll take a look. Thank you.


  • Hi Lenka,

    My only concern is when customers have ordered multiple items. This is quite usual. I can imagine they will think they have to pay for Delivery and or Collection for each item instead of the whole order. Do you have any suggestions regarding this?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Lucy,

    Thanks for pointing this out. 

    When you have multiple items in one booking, it is currently not possible to set the required/optional Delivery item add-on 'per booking', since the item add-on is attached per each item and will show up every time when a new item is added to a booking.  

    One possible workaround you may want to use is a manual way to add a delivery through 'Rebilling' that your payment gateway allows. 

    You could indicate the delivery information in the booking form without any need of creating an item.

    To do so, create a new custom booking form field
    ' Multiple Choice Radio type': Delivery Service and add as many options as needed:
    - Delivery zone 1 (description)
    - Delivery zone 2 (description)
    - No Delivery Service
    - Etc...
    Go to the 'Advanced tab' and select Filtering ON and 'Use the value of this field to show or hide other fields'

    Then create a new booking form field 'HTML output' type for each delivery option. In the 'Value' section, indicate the delivery rate and that it would be charged on top of the booking price. Set filtering ON for each delivery option.

    Another possible solution could be setting the Delivery item add-on as 'optional' and indicate in the item's title, that it needs to be added just once if more items are added to a booking.

    I hope this helps, and I can definitely provide you with a more detailed account specific guidance if you send me an email to

    Best Regards,
    Lenka - Checkfront Technical Support
  • The ideal solution would be for CheckFront to manage delivery/shipping!

    As a suggestion, one way to do this (without hopefully being too much of a massive change for the developers), would be to allow the automatic addition of an item based on the selection of a booking form field.
    CheckFront currently allows to filter booking field(s) based on wether or not a certain (or more) item(s) is(are) present in the booking.
    It could be nice to also have the "opposite": you could have a custom booking field like "Would you like to include shipping?" as a multi choice radio. Then based upon the answer, a specific item would be added (or not) to the booking.

    As a feature, this solution would work for shipping/delivery, but I'm sure it would help many businesses in various ways beyond this delivery example. It would open a new world of possibilities....

    Another idea is to automatically add 1 specific (or more) items to any new booking, wether mandatory or optional (could be deleted by the customer or not).
    This way, you could include any sort of mandatory fixed fee, membership, shipping, etc etc... 

    I hope we will see some new feature(s) offering way to deal with delivery method in the near future.

  • I've opted for my web developer to integrate Checkfront using their API. Booking Delivery and/or Collection will be part of the shopping cart process. The new website is due to be launched beginning of December. Fingers crossed it works as intended. Not a cheap exercise though. It has cost NZ$4000 on top of the usual website build costs to integrate Checkfront. I do believe it's worth it though. The time saved with not having to keep going back to my customers will recoup this cost in no time. There will also be a smart dropdown for delivery zones. I've given the developer a list of all the street names in our area. When the customer completes the booking form the street selected from the dropdown will automatically select the correct delivery zone which is priced accordingly.

    I can understand why Checkfront cannot make this option standard. They have built an amazing booking platform that can be used across a variety of industries. They can't be all things to everyone. 
  • I'd be happy if there was just a line item for delivery charges so that it doesn't show up as a physical inventory item when running reports. Some of Checkfront's competition calculates the distance between the warehouse location and the customer address using a map API and then allows you to set a price per mile. That would be ideal. 
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