Stop Booking Date Defaulting to One Day Hire for Multiple Items

edited November 2017 in Feature Requests
I've raised this before but really hoping this becomes a high priority. Our customers often book multiple items and usually for the same hire dates. After they have booked their first item it would be great if the hire dates stayed the same instead of defaulting to one day hire. This is a major headache for us. We are constantly going back to the customer as they haven't noticed their other items are only booked for one day. If we don't notice at our end we run the risk of the item not being available for them. Additionally, after we have corrected the hire dates this can mean an increase in charge. It's not a positive customer experience when we have to point out they only booked for one day and owe us more money.

In the past with staff bookings we have got round the issue by creating the booking for the first item and then going back and adding further items. Until recently the hire dates stayed the same as the first item booked. A recent update has stopped our 'work around' and now we are faced with the same problem as our customers. I really appreciate how frustrating it is for them. We know about the problem but still forget to reset the dates. I'm constantly going back and scanning upcoming bookings to make sure there aren't any out of place one day bookings. This really throws our inventory out and is quite a worry for us.

When I emailed support it was suggested setting up packages may be an alternative work around. However this does not work for us. We have far too many items. Our customers need to be able to select what they want without it being tied to another product.
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