How do you delete reservations and customer lists?

I created dummy reservations during setup.  How do I delete them, and the customer list that was also created?  I do NOT want to delketee the rest of the account setup, just the dummy reservations and customers.  A post rom JASON in March 2010 says "you can clear your database by going to system/manage/purge in management console.  I ASSUME this means Manage...then System...the only thing I see under that is Database size...with a reset button on right.  If I click that will it give me OPTIO of what to delete or will it delete my entire setup???????????


  • I believe the location of this changed since last March.  It's now in Manage / System.  If you click the reset button, it will bring you to a menu that allows you to select what tables you want to purge (it wont do it without confirmation.

    Also, VOIDing a booking will see it removed from the system within 24 hours.
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