Empty SLIP in Rated response

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Hello, I have a problem. I'm making rated request for a specific item, but SLIP field is empty string. What I do wrong?

Request URI:


rate object content (from response body):
rate: {
    status: 'AVAILABLE',
    available: 300,
    slip: '',
    summary: {
        title: 'Available',
        details: null,
        price: { total: '$0.00', title: [], unit: null, param: [] },
        date: 'Tue Oct 17, 2017'
    sub_total: '0.00',
    event: [{ adult: '27.00', child: '13.50' }],
    start_date: '20171017',
    end_date: '20171017'


  • Hi @gfarniev,

    Thank you for reaching out on our forum!

    When booking parent grouped items via the API, the flow is a little different than the UI. I have sent you an email to clarify a few things about your setup, however in short you would make the rated request to the child item first, and get the SLIP in the rated response that is returned. From there, you can pass in the SLIP to the booking/session with a line_id parameter, and then proceed to create the booking as normal.

    Let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with!

    Best Regards,

    Brett - Checkfront Support Team
  • Hi Brett, thank you for response. I have two suggestions:
    1. I didn't receive any email messages from you, can you please resend?
    2. I think you can help a lot of people if you update documentation about this aspect of API usage

    Thanks in advance.
  • BTW, I figured out how to get SLIP for child item. Thank you very much.

  • Hi @gfarniev,

    Thanks for your reply! I added a note regarding booking parent/child items to our API documentation here: http://api.checkfront.com/guide/how_to.html#add-items-to-a-booking-session. Hopefully this will help reduce confusion in the future. 

    Also, please note that our API Documentation is open source, and available on GitHub at https://github.com/Checkfront/API. Feel free to submit a pull request if there is anything that you notice could be improved!

    Best Regards,

    Brett - Checkfront Support Team
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