E-Mail notification delays

Hi Checkfront,

When a booking occurs or is cancelled, notifications are sent automatically to the client and me. On random occasions (About once a week) for usually a 24-48 hour period, the notification sent to me, will appear in my gmail inbox only about 8 hours after the fact. Thankfully though the notification is received instantaneously by the client. But it's really annoying as getting notifications right away helps plan out short term needs and we don't know when it might occur...

It's not related to the junk folder as the e-mails do come through within the inbox... What could be the cause of this and are others experiencing this?



  • I am sorry to hear that you having this type of issue, for me I have yet to experience this since I do not currently have many booking through site-builder. But I hope the support team would respond to this matter.
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