Front-end: Calendar date picker suggestion

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The frontend layout of the Calendar has been bugging me and my clients for a long time and I was wondering if any change has been planned for the future?

I would like to see a similar date picker functions as in this demostration on Dribbble:, date range picker&utm_medium=Social_Share

If you are a user and you would also like to see this implemented. Then make sure to comment to show your interest :)

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  • Hi Magnus,

    Thank you for writing into the Checkfront forums.

    We are always taking suggestions to learn how to improve the system, and the date picker that you showed on Dribble is quite smooth. The only issue I can think of is responsiveness, as the Checkfront booking pages are made so that they work on any type of device, thus the separate selectors for Start and End date.

    Regardless, I'll put in a improvement request so that devs can keep track of the suggestion!

  • Hello,
    i agree with magnus. I even think this problem is very unterrated. Especially if you use mobile devices (like majority today) you have no availability calendar. only the "basic" android or ios calendar. This is a very frustrating user expierence. Most booking sites use a custom calendar with availability shown. For example if you offer a product every friday and user is looking for it but dont know that. He will open the calendar without availability shown. 
  • A more responsive calendar is needed! It should also advance to the first available day! We are a seasonal business right now and I cannot get it to advance to May 2018!
  • Hello,

    Thank you, everyone, for the feedback.

    @afearman, there is an option to automatically advance the calendar. It is located under Manage > Layout > Booking Page > Upcoming. Please note you will need to disable both the Show Unavailable and Sold-out items options.

    Also, you can add a start date manually to your booking page URL to automatically advance the calendar. For example, to advance to the start of May 2018, you would use:

    A start date can also be added to the droplet if you are integrating Checkfront into your own site.

    If you are having any problems with these, please email us directly at and we can take a look at your account.

    All the best,

    Chase - Checkfront Support Team
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