Google Maps Usage

Recently, we were notified by the Google Maps team that some of our mapping features appeared to be outside of their Standard Plan usage for their maps APIs. In a nutshell, that these would likely need to transition to pay-for-use requests for merchants using the add-on.

As we worked with the teams at Google to evaluate options, we were informed that the bulk of the usage (maps on public facing booking pages) should be fine, assuming our customers were to request their own API keys, and not one we provided by default. We made the necessary changes in app, and notified their team.

We’ve since seen that there can be multiple opinions of acceptable use within Google, and after additional back and forth, they have ultimately deemed our latest changes as not fully resolving the usage issues.

As such, our dev team is currently working on an alternate solution to avoid placing our merchants in a pay for Google Maps API credits scenario. We anticipate this to be seamless, with no action required on your part, and to roll out in the next week.

In the meantime, maps on your booking pages should continue to appear, and the customer map and invoice links are not impacted.

Please let our support team know if you find otherwise, and we’ll continue to provide updates as we have them.
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