I am using the Discovery theme, but I have a few issues.

1. On mobile phones, the meny has to be scrolled sideways, that is HARD to know for customers.
2. The site bulder is NOT following my settings from checkfront. Such as time and date settings, etc.
3. Why is it not possible to have mulit languange? Like in the regular booking page.
4. It should be possible to adjust the picture size on the posts. The pictures are HUGE on a regular desktop.
5. Adding pictures "inside" a post should be possible
6. It should be possible to remove the date a post was made.
7. It should be possible to change the color for availible dates, so that it is more possible. Now it is hard to se whats availible and not.

This is the page if you need that:

I also have some more things, but this is the most important.
Looking forward to your quick reply.

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