Package / Add on / Up Sell - Items?

We're just getting started with Checkfront and one of our criteria for selecting them was the ability to have package add-ons.

If you go to Inventory -> Items, select an item, then click on the Advanced Tab - you'll see package add-ons.

But if you try using them, you'll see that you can't UNCHECK the add-on - it's never optional.  If you attach a package add-on, no matter which Opt-in you pick, you can't unselect it when making a booking.

We asked over 5 weeks ago to have this fixed and nothing has been done about it yet.

Isn't anyone else using Package Add-Ons or are they working for you or do you have a work-around of some kind in place?



  • I had the same question. Asked and received a reply that the add-ons feature is in Beta still. Would really like it to work as this is the only way that this service is going to work with our needs.
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    An update will be going out in the next 24 hours to resolve this.
  • Wendy,

    I have found that they work for me when I use the "Create a new option" button rather than attaching an existing one.  When I do it that way then I am able to have the 3 different option types (required, optional, pre-select) function as expected.

    The problem right now is that there isn't a way to manage package options (besides the ones that are existing items).

  • Hi Jason, I've been waiting almost 2 months for this function to be rectified. Without it I am unable to list my rooms as singles with an upsell to doubles (2 people). Is there another way of doing this? I also want to upsell dinners...

  • Jason, I am also having the same issue with the packages. It appears that no matter what option I select—Required, Optional, Pre-Selected—it does not let me un-check them on the front-end. It gives me the pop-up: Remove this item? but then does not remove it from the list. I am using the Wordpress plugin and am viewing it in Chrome and Firefox, if that helps at all. Thanks in advance for your help!
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront
    Hi All,

    Thanks for your patience.  The latest release rolled out includes an update to how the upsells are handled, and  fixes some browser inconsistencies with the pre-selection.

    This is the first of several improvements to the existing checkout process.


  • Thanks!!! :-)
  • Great, thanks Jason. Is it accurate to say that any reservations made before this update will continue to have the previous issues? I cannot delete packages added on to old bookings (pre-update), and was wondering if this is a clinging issue or something unrelated.
  • Actually, let me amend my previous comment; As an Admin, I cannot delete *any* packages to a reservation. Ack! I am going to be doing training with this on Monday and it will be somewhat confusing to my team if they cannot delete packages. Any thoughts?
  • JasonJason CEO Checkfront

    I'll have a look and see if I can re-produce.

  • How difficult would it be to add an option editor so you could flip an option from per booking to per hour, update prices and the opt-in settings? Also would it be difficult to have a setting for options that multiplies the price of the option times the quantity of the Item they purchased?
  • We have found that when using attachments when you book a package deal with one of our cottages the correct amount would be taken and make the original cottage unavailible but would not reserve the package deal so when another customer uses the booking system they could book another package deal for the same day resulting in double bookings. Can anyone shed light on a resolution on this have been waiting 8 months on this so would be aprreciated.
  • Is there any way to edit the package upsell items? I basically have to create a new item if i want to make a change. 
  • Yeah I having the same problem. I cant delete the upsell items and edit it. 
  • Hi have there been any updates on the packages upsell issues as is it possible to change the quantity of the upsell products rather than the default 1 unit ? 
  • Hi, i would also want to delete package items! or edit them. I cannot.
    The "help" window says:
    Package Items
    See Package Items



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